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This toy helps activate hand-eye coordination. Think of a moped toll, slide, balance bikes and go-karts.


Full with toys to play with outside. Hoops,      pawns, skippy balls, trail, ropes , American football (rugby), throw ball, riverstones, Mölkky,  Idea booklet, etc. to use for a sportive day, familyday of een birthday party.

C – Construction

The insight of hand-eye coordination is stimulated by wooden blocks, Duplo Toolo, Smartmax, Lasy and Wedgits.

F – Fantasy

Fantasy toys that stimulate language development and stimulate interplay. Toys such as kitchens, cars, Duplo, Playmobil and farms.

K – Costumes

The fantasy is stimulated and the fantasy world can be re-enacted with the costumes.

M – Musical instruments

Musical instruments contribute to emotional development and interplay.

O – Development

The intellectual side is developed with toys from this category. Think of miniloco, clock watching and an abacus.

O – Old Dutch games

We also have Old Dutch games for an anniversary or family day.

P – Puzzles

By puzzling, insight is promoted and hand-eye coordination is stimulated. You have a wide choice of (wooden) puzzles in many subjects. Ranging from 2 to 200 pieces.

S- Games

You rarely play a game alone. The child learns to play, gain insight and learns to deal with profit and loss.

T – Themakists

We have several theme chests for major events, such as a treasure chest full of farewells and a theme chest focused on hospitalization. More info »

V – Birthday bags

A well-filled birthday bag to make a children’s party a great success. Including a booklet with all kinds of fun ideas. More info »

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