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Play-o-theek De Boemerang offers parents, but also grandparents, care providers and institutions in Meppel and surroundings the opportunity to offer their children toys. The loan period is 3 weeks. € 0.50 loan fee is charged per toy. You are already a member from € 15.00.

The toy must be returned clean and dry. Clothing should be washed.

No toys are lent to children under the age of 8 without supervision.

Extend loan period

The toy can be extended once for 3 weeks, provided that the toy is not reserved. Also upon renewal , € 0.50 loan money per toy is charged. Extending by telephone is possible during opening hours. The extension starts from the day the toy should have been returned. View the contact details and opening hours here.

Reserve toys

Do you regularly run into the fact that certain toys have been borrowed? It is possible to reserve toys. This way you are sure that you can take that certain toys home in the short term. The costs for this are € 0.50 per toy.

Late return

Are you late with handing in? Then you pay a fine of € 0.20 per day / per toy.

Borrowing toys on your own responsibility

Toys that you borrow from the play-o-theek are on your own responsibility. In the event of any damage, we assume that you are insured for this. Also, the play-o-theek is not responsible for damage to persons by the borrowed toys.

Damage or loss of toys (parts)

Damage or loss can of course happen. When returning the borrowed toy, damage or loss of parts (or parts card) must be paid for. A deposit of € 1.50 applies. In the event of irreparable damage or depreciation, compensation will be determined in consultation. If the missing part is returned, you will receive the deposit of € 1.50 back.

Lost your library card

Lost your library card? For € 1.50 you will receive a new library card. It is not possible to borrow toys without a library card.

Loan regulations

Download our loan regulations

The advantages of play-o-theek The Boomerang

  • Getting to know different types of toys
  • Borrowing toys at a low rate
  • +/- 2,000 toys divided into different categories
  • Borrow toys that are expensive or take up a lot of space
  • Try out what your child likes
  • Borrow with our strippenkaart without membership
  • Meeting place for parent(s)/educator(s)
  • Also ideal for childminders and grandparents

Interested in a membership?

Read more about the membership and become a member now!

Opening hours

Monday 14.30 -16.30 Hours
Tuesday 14.30 -16.30 hours
Wednesday 14.30 -16.30 hours
Thursday 14.30 -16.30 hours
Friday 18.30 -20.00 hours

Closed during the summer and Christmas holidays

Contact details

Speel-o-theek de Boemerang
p/a De Plataan
Marktstraat 27
7941 KP Meppel