Speel-o-theek De Boemerang

Een ruim assortiment speelgoed per categorie

Leen bij ons ook speelgoed voor buiten

Speelgoed specifiek op de ontwikkeling gericht

Speelgoed voor kinderen of volwassenen met een beperking

Themakisten afscheid, ziekenhuis en zakgeld

Christmas holidays

At the moment we are enjoying our Christmas holidays. We opened again on January 9th!     

Elly and Koby put in the spotlight

Elly and Koby have been put in the spotlight at the volunteer gala as volunteers who have been
active for the play-o-theek
for 30 years.

Volunteers Wanted!

We are looking for volunteers! We ask 1 x per week 2 hours availability. We count the toys when we return and work via a very easy computer system. You are trained and are never alone in the loan. We have a great team. Sign up via info@speel-o-theekmeppel.nl

In a play-o-theek you borrow toys,
just like you borrow books from a library. Play-o-theek The Boomerang has a wide range of toys for every age category and aimed at the development of the child. The play-o-theek is for children from 0 to about 12 years and for older children and adults.

Wide range of toys

Playing with toys helps children in their development. Children discover the world in a playful way! By playing, a child practices, discovers and experiments. At the play-o-theek you can borrow toys for three weeks. From various puzzles to a board game, from a go-kart to a musical instrument and from costumes to construction material.

The advantages of play-o-theek The Boomerang

  • Getting to know different types of toys
  • Borrowing toys at a low rate
  • +/- 2,000 toys divided into different categories
  • Borrow toys that are expensive or take up a lot of space
  • Try out what your child likes
  • Borrow with our strippenkaart without membership
  • Meeting place for parent(s)/educator(s)
  • Also ideal for childminders and grandparents

Interested in a membership?

Read more about the membership and become a member now!

Opening hours

Monday 14.30 -16.30 Hours
Tuesday 14.30 -16.30 hours
Wednesday 14.30 -16.30 hours
Thursday 14.30 -16.30 hours
Friday 18.30 -20.00 hours

Closed during the summer and Christmas holidays

Contact details

Speel-o-theek de Boemerang
p/a De Plataan
Marktstraat 27
7941 KP Meppel