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Treasury full of farewell

In collaboration with Uitvaartzorg Yarden and Uitvaarzorg Annerie Kremer , theme chests have been put together to support children in the event of loss. In practice, it appears that it is good to make the great loss of loved ones in children negotiable through play. These are collected in different theme chests. In these ‘treasure chests full of farewell’ are, for example, games and books that respond to loss, a hand puppet and a lot of choice in craft material. You can also keep the plush animal or bracelet after the loan. The treasure chests can be borrowed via the play-o-theek or via the relevant funeral directors.

Other Theme chests

We also have theme chests for other major events, such as hospitalization. This theme chest includes a doctor’s bag, wooden jigsaw puzzle and Duplo hospital. We have a theme chest available for the age of 2 years and a themakist for the age of 5 years. Also for the theme ‘dealing with your pocket money’ we have put together a theme chest with all kinds of books and games.

Feel free to contact us by phone during opening hours or ask at the desk about our specially selected toys and games.

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