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Play-o-theek De Boemerang has a special range of toys and games aimed at gifted children. In the play-o-theek, this assortment can be recognized by the yellow code sticker. But of course we are also happy to inform you about it at the counter.

In collaboration with Alien Boersma, coach at Erudiet, the offer is regularly expanded. Below are some examples of toys and games aimed at gifted children.

36 cubes

How many towers can you place? Your goal is to place the 36 colored towers on the board according to two simple rules: there should only be one tower of one color in each row and each stack, and the towers should form a perfect cube on the board with all the towers at the same height. Keep trying and see how far you can get!


Click and play! Countless assignments and solutions… but can you find one? Click the four magnetic boards randomly against each other and then try to get the 12 colorful pieces on the game board. There are countless game board combinations possible and they are all solvable. Quadrillion is a thinking game where you never run out of new assignments.

Gravity Maze

This marble labyrinth will put your logical thinking to the test! Who can combine the transparent towers on the game board so that the metal bullet rolls through all the towers and enters the red tower? A real challenge, because the towers of different heights have holes inside, sloping sides but also flat parts. Only if the player combines all the towers well with each other, the bullet rolls through the labyrinth via an uninterrupted path.

Khet 2.0

With a beautiful design in Egyptian style, this is a kind of chess game, but with a cool laser in it. Make sure that the pharaoh with the laser in it can shine continuously on the mirrors. It’s a real challenge to make your pharaoh win!

Tridio Twist

Tridio games are intended to teach a child spatial awareness in a playful way. The goal of the game is to rotate the different elements and place them on – and against each other so that the ‘building’ corresponds to the structure depicted on the assignment card. It looks a bit like the Rubik’s Cube of the past.

Body IQ

By playing Body IQ with children, it increases children’s knowledge about the human body. The game contains beautiful images, fun do assignments and interesting questions and tips about our body.
We have two types. There is a game board version and a version where the game board is a large rug, just as big as your body. For on the table, but also to be able to play on the floor. Suitable for children from 5 years.


Set is a challenging card game. The intention is to collect as many sets of cards as possible that belong in terms of shape and color. But… you have to be fast, because whoever sees it first, can keep the cards! Suitable for fast children from 6 years.

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